More Work in Berlin

This week, I have the honor of catching up with Carleton’s Cinema and Media Studies off-campus seminar in New Media during their time in Berlin. While in the city, I’ll be joining them for a bike ride along a section of the Berlin Wall, and helping them get started on new Rephotography projects similar to my comps work displayed on this website. It is my hope that the students on the seminar will be able to contribute to this project and its goal of rephotographing the Iron Curtain. I’m very excited to once again fuse my background in history, photography and visual studies, while contributing to the experience of the off-campus seminar.

I will also be able to expand my own project and apply a deeper understanding of technique and theory to my work. While I am in Berlin, I plan to rephotograph journalistic images from the erection of the Wall in 1961, with an emphasis on portraiture and individual interaction with the site of the Wall in contemporary space. Although I have already submitted my CAMS comps, I will have the opportunity to incorporate this experience and work into my comps panel on May 12. Please check back for updates and photos throughout the week, and beyond!

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